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Tučepi - Tourist Resort near Makarska

Tučepi is a tourist resort on Makarska Riviera, located just five kilometers south-west of Makarska. Tourist resort Tučepi, as popular as Makarska itself, offers accommodation in hotels and holiday apartment villas, and has one of the longest and nicest pebble and sandy beaches on Croatian coast. There is one long beach on each side from the town center. Coniferous trees that grow all alongside each of the two beaches provide such shade that sunscreen is not necessary in such case. In Tučepi, guests enjoy clean air that decends from Biokovo mountain, and swimming in clear waters of Adriatic Sea. In evening hours, they can enjoy beautiful sunsets.

Tučepi town

Tučepi Town

Tučepi town was even populated in ancient times, as there are remains of the ancient town center, buildings, pillars, doors, and tombstones found in Tučepi. By the sea, there is baroque summer house that belonged to Makarska family Ivanišević and Lučić-Pavlović, and summer house dating from the 18th century by abbot Grubišić (now adapted to a hotel). There is a number of holiday apartment villas in Tučepi in which you can rent apartment for accommodation.

Tucepi Apartments

Tucepi Apartments Villa Rossa 2
Owner: Dragan Dragičević
Address: Kraj 20, Tucepi, Croatia
Rent: 65 €


Tucepi Apartmani Jakić
Owner: Milan Jakić
Address: Kraj 21, Tucepi, Croatia
Rent: 40 €


Tucepi Apartments Jurić
Owner: Luka Jurić
Address: Blato 40, Tucepi, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Tucepi Apartments Villa Ankora
Owner: Anđelko Šimić
Address: Tučepi, Tucepi, Croatia
Rent: 85 €