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West side of old Trogir town

History of Town Trogir

Trogir was founded by a greek colony from the Adriatic island of Vis (Issa). They founded a town between the small island of Čiovo and the land, and named the town Tragurion in III. century B.C. When Romans took over, the town became a significant port for ships. In the vicinity of Trogir were famous quarries, from which stones were partially used to build to Diocletian Palace in Split. The oldest church in Trogir is a small three-nave basilica of St. Barbara, built in the IX. century, and renewed in XI. century. The church has installed more ancient parts and label that mentions Croatian name Dobrica.

From the time of the Romanesque many houses with original doors, windows, and various architectural details were preserved. The church of St. John the Baptist was also built in Romanesque style. Of fortresses preserved are Kastel Kamerlengo and round tower of St. Mark from XV. century. On the northern coast of the island of Čiovo, you also can find old buildings, such as the Dominican monastery of St. Cross from the XV. century. In Okrug, there is the church of St. Karl from IX. century.

Detail of Fortress Kamerlengo

Location of Trogir

Trogir is in central Dalmatia 25 km away from Split. It is located on the north-western end of Bay of Kastela, to the west of Solin. On the other side, to the west from Trogir in direction of Sibenik, there are small towns Marina, Primosten, Rogoznica. The Coast, which extends the length of 25 km includes the town and the municipality of Trogir, Seget, Marina, and Okrug. The town is situated in Trogir Channel, and on the island of Čiovo, where you can get across the bridge which connects Trogir and Čiovo. It consists of several parts: Ciprian, Drid, Čiovo, Bilin Dolac Vilajica, Travarica Malo Polje, and Pasika.

In the vicinity of Trogir, besides Čiovo are islands Drvenik Mali and Drvenik Veliki, and Šolta. Apartment owners welcome you to their apartments, especially on Čiovo, where you can rent apartment and enjoy in swimming in the sea on nearby beaches, as well as see Trogir town or take a trip to the city of Split.

Beach in front of Hotel Medena

Beaches and Tourist Attractions

In Trogir, guests come not so much because of the sun and sea, but due to getting acquainted with its historical and cultural heritage. Specifically, the old town of Trogir is on the list of monuments of world cultural heritage UNESCO. Tourist can also find beautiful beaches around Trogir and on the island of Čiovo. In front of a hotel Medena, the beach is equipped with slides and other beach facilities. Here, tourists can also relax in the thick shade offered by coniferous trees. If they want to play sports, they can find various sports fields right above the beach, like ping pong, tennis, mini golf, basketball courts and more.

On the northern side of the island of Čiovo, there are sandy beaches, while on the south side, the beaches are rocky. If arriving by highway, Trogir can be reached by taking the exit Prgomet, then by driving along the old winding road down to Trogir.

Trogir Apartments

Trogir Villa Cvita Apartments
Owner: Sveto Kustura
Address: Špira Puovića 32, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Trogir Apartments Ivona
Owner: Ivona Hrabar
Address: Ulica sv. Ane 19, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 65 €


Trogir Apartmani Antonio
Owner: Ante Grančić
Address: Špira Puovića 15/II, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 60 €


Trogir Apartman Trogir
Owner: Marina Šain
Address: Put Muline 1, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 110 €


Trogir Apartment Mare Trogir
Owner: Lenka Rinčić
Address: Kneza Trpimira 47, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 45 €


Trogir Bilic Apartments Trogir
Owner: Josip Bilić
Address: Kardinala Alojza Stepinca 4, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 60 €


Trogir Villa Angel
Owner: Bisera Pomenić
Address: Put brodograditelja 9a, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 80 €


Trogir Apartments "Mare" Trogir
Owner: Marija Žaja
Address: Andrije Hembranga 10a, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 75 €


Trogir Apartman Trogir - Saldun
Owner: Mate Miletić
Address: Put Salduna II bb, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 60 €