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Baroque church in Supetar, Croatia

Supetar - Town facing Split

Supetar is a town located on the northern coast on Brač. Brač is one of two islands facing Split across the Brač Channel. The other island facing Split is Šolta. Since Supetar is on the nothern side of Brač, the town also faces Split. In fact, there is daily ferry boat link between Split and Supetar.

If you like to go to a place for vacation on Brač, you could take ferry boat ride to Supetar, then either spend holiday in Supetar or visit other little towns around Supetar, like Sutivan, Splitska, and Postira. The place has readily available holiday apartments and nice gravel and sandy beaches. Supetar is also a transit port since tourists go through it on their way to Bol and Golden Horn on the southern sunny side of Brač, Croatia.

Supetar Apartments

Supetar Villa Supetar
Owner: Dario Bekavac
Address: Ivana Gorana Kovacica 20a, Supetar, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Supetar Apartment Irante
Owner: Leticija Gospodnetić Zlatar
Address: Put Pašika 5E, Supetar, Croatia
Rent: 65 €


Supetar Apartmani Supetar
Owner: Vladislav Barić
Address: Put Vele Luke 12a, Supetar, Croatia
Rent: 60 €


Supetar Sunny Apartments Lada
Owner: Lada Vušković
Address: Put pasika 9, Supetar, Croatia
Rent: 55 €


Supetar Apartmani Derado Supetar
Owner: Gojko Derado
Address: Put pašika bb, Supetar, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Supetar Apartmani Renata
Owner: Renata Marinović
Address: Put Barba Maškova 9a, Supetar, Croatia
Rent: 70 €