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Sreser and small islands Gospin Škoj, Srednjak, and Goljak

Sreser - Quiet little town on Pelješac

Sreser is a little town on the Pelješac peninsula. The town is located on northern side of the peninsula, across from the delta of river Neretva, which is just seven nautical miles to the north. Town is far away from big cities, so Sreser summer holidays are nice and quiet, favorable for guests who like to rest and have an enjoyable and quiet vacation. Sreser has pebble beaches and three tiny islands in front of the town. You can see the islands Gospin Škoj, Srednjak, and Goljak, shown in the picture on the right.

In Sreser, you can have traditional Pelješac domestic specialties, like fresh boiled mussels (sea shells), grown in the sea by domestic fishermen, with virgin olive oil made from locally grown olives, and quality red wine from Pelješac. There are also small markets in the town where you can buy foods and prepare them yourself. As for accommodation, you can find comfortable and affordable apartments for rent in Sreser.

Sreser Apartments

Sreser Apartments Sreser
Owner: Danijel
Address: Kraj 12, Sreser, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Sreser Apartmani Kala
Owner: Aleksandra Kiridžija
Address: Kraj Rat 30 b, Sreser, Croatia
Rent: 65 €