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Salona Amphitheater

Solin and Salona Site

Solin is a small town in the suburbs of the city of Split. Famous archeological site with ancient town Salona is located right next to Solin (between Solin and Kaštela). Salona is so old that it was founded even before Diocletian Palace in Split was built. The settlement is still well-preserved, having remains of old Roman amphitheater and remains of other ancient buildings. Entrance to Salona site is free for everyone. As a tourist visiting the region, be sure to visit the site for a short excursion to Mediterranean ancient past.

Ancient remains in Salona

Accommodation in Solin

Short river Jadro has a source in Solin and it flows throw the town with its delta in Kaštela bay. The river is the source of drinking water not only for Solin, but for other places around, including the entire city of Split.

There are several places in Solin and around where you can find accommodation, either in hotel or private apartment. Private apartments and rooms for rent are available in Solin and Kaštela. There are such arrangements in Kaštela where you can rent the entire apartment house. It is easy to find accommodation there. Just look for the blue signboards with word Apartment and star symbols.