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Senj viewed from the slopes of Velebit

Senj - Ancient Town on Kvarner Riviera

Senj is a town on the coast of in Kvarner Riviera in Croatia. The town was established already in ancient times. Romans called the town Senia. Records show that the town was founded before 4th century B.C. Fortifications that are still partially preserved, date from the Middle Ages, and they got their definitive shape in 15th century. Frankopan castle from 1340, which was later the center of Senj captains, is preserved within the walls of Senj, on their southeast corner. Captain John Lenković built Fortress "Nehaj" (shown in the picture below) above the town in 1558, which is today preserved in its original form. Old houses and villas in the town from early periods have Latin and Glagolitic inscriptions. From the town, you can see the easternmost rocky point of Krk island.

Fortress Nehaj above Senj

Starting point for visiting Croatian national parks

Senj can be a starting point for visiting other sites and national parks in Croatia. For example, National Park and mountain Velebit is nearby, where you can enjoy hiking, clean air, and beautiful view of the Adriatic sea and Kvarner islands. Other interesting sites in the vicinity of Senj include National Parks Paklenica and Plitvice, region Lika plateau by continental slopes of Velebit mountain, and winter resort Gorski Kotar located north of Senj. Summer carnival is held in Senj every other weekend in August. You can get to Senj by taking exit from main Croatian highway at Brinje.

Senj Apartments

Senj Apartmani i sobe Bionda
Owner: Mario Biondic
Address: Dolac 11, Senj, Croatia
Rent: 40 €


Senj Apartmani Jadran
Owner: Ruža Krmpotić
Address: Stara cesta 60, Senj, Croatia
Rent: 75 €