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Rovinj - Town along the Istrian coast

Rovinj was founded at the time of late antiquity on a small island along the Istrian coast, which was by embanking the channel connected to the mainland. In 8th century, the town was called Ruigno. Rovinj is a typical town of Mediterranean type, whose structure has been shaped by the small space of the island. That is how the network of relatively narrow streets with covered passages, small shops and other picturesque parts has become. The town rises toward prevailing point of the city, in which there is baroque church of St. Euphemia (Fuma). The interior of the church contains the sarcophagus of the late St. Euphemia from 6th century. The bell tower 60 meters high, with a great brazen statue of St. Euphemia at the top, was erected in the 17th century modeled on the bell tower of St. Mark's in Venice.

Rovinj from farther away

Apartments in Rovinj

Near the port is the clock tower and the former town hall, which is the Museum's collection of antique objects and art galleries today. South of Rovinj, there is a peninsula with a large park. In the vicinity of the peninsula there is island of Maskin and several other smaller islands. On this island is a building from Roman times and Benedictine monastery, which was adapted into a hotel.

Rovinj Apartments

Rovinj Apartmani Kimi
Owner: Alen Naiaretto
Address: Cocaletto bb, Rovinj, Croatia
Rent: 55 €


Rovinj Apartments Zulian Rovinj
Owner: Hari Zulian
Address: E. Kumičića 5, Rovinj, Croatia
Rent: 75 €


Rovinj Apartments Jurada Rovinj
Owner: Dorijano Jurada
Address: G. Martinuzzi 1, Rovinj, Croatia
Rent: 50 €