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Interesting Dalmatian Town

Primošten is an interesting Dalmatian town located between Šibenik and Rogoznica. It was founded on a little island that was close to the Adriatic coast, but the island was connected to the land by covering the narrow sea passage between the island and the land. Most of the old town is built on what is today a peninsula. However, the town has also spread around to the land. Primošten is a popular tourist destination on the Adriatic. There are many nice beaches and the sea waters are clear around Primošten. You can visit the old town and go to restaurants and taverns that offer delicacies from authentic Dalmatian cuisine. Among other foods, there is sea fish, shells, and olive oil. There are also bars and disco clubs.

View of Primošten from the East

Accomodation in Primošten

Primošten is only eight kilometers away from Rogoznica and twenty kilometers away from Šibenik. You can get to the town by taking highway exit at Šibenik, and driving about twenty five kilometers farther south. Accommodation is available in summer season, so you can find and rent holiday apartment in Primošten or its surroundings. Since Primošten is relatively far away from big cities and pollution, it has naturally clean sea and air, so spending summer holiday there is quite enjoyable and rejuvenating.

Primosten Apartments

Primosten Villa Šjor Primošten
Owner: Radojka Skorić
Address: Lokvice 6, Primosten, Croatia
Rent: 100 €