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Pašman and small island Babac

Pašman Island

Pašman is an island in Northern Dalmatia. Pašman is located next to Ugljan Island, but it is even closer (one nautical mile) to Dalmatian mainland (towns Turanj and Biograd na Moru) than Ugljan, which is about two nautical miles from Zadar. There are dozens of small islands around Pašman. You can see small island Babac, shown in the picture on the right. Like on Ugljan, almost all little towns on Pašman are facing Dalmatian mainland. looking from east to west, these towns are Tkon, Dicmo, Pašman, Mrljane, Neviđana, Dobropoljana, Banj, and Ždrelac.

Because of favorable sea currents, the island has one of the most transparent sea waters on the Adriatic, and beautiful rock and pebble beaches. Pašman is an ideal tourist destination for people who like to have quiet summer holidays on nice beaches and clean sea.

Kornati Archipelago

Kornati Archipelago

Historical records show that the island has been continually populated for centuries. Remains of Illyrian and Roman architecture and monuments have been found on the island and town Pašman itself. In ancient Roman times, the town was called Postumianum Preadium. Derived name Postimana was mentioned 1067. in the Charter of the Croatian King Petar Krešimir IV. Islands in the National park Kornati Archipelago are nearby, shown in the picture on the left, just ten nautical miles south of Pašman.

There is frequent ferry boat line that takes you to Tkon from Biograd na Moru in less than twenty minutes. You can also get to Pašman from west by driving over the bridge connecting islands Ugljan and Pašman.

Pasman Apartments

Pasman Apartmani Ćosić Ante Antin
Owner: Domagoj Ćosić
Address: Dobropoljana 141, Neviđane , Pasman, Croatia
Rent: 40 €


Pasman Apartments Katelanovo
Owner: Šime Bubičić
Address: Ždrelac, Pasman, Croatia
Rent: 45 €


Pasman Apartments Biba
Owner: Biserka Meštrović
Address: Put lovora bb, Ždrelac, Pasman, Croatia
Rent: 90 €