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Preromanesque church on St. Cross in Nin, Croatia

West Dalmatian Old Town Nin

Old town Nin is located 17 kilometers northwest of Zadar, on a small peninsula in a shallow lagoon of Nin Bay. Before Roman authority in Dalmatia, Nin was one of the most important settlements of Illyrian tribe Liburni. During Roman rule, the town was called Aneona. The fortified town was connected by bridges to the Dalmatian mainland. The town was rebuilt in the early Middle Ages, when its name was Nona, and then became a parish center and the center of Croatian diocese (Episcopus Croatenisis). At that time, Croatian kings often visited Nin and enjoyed a relaxing stay there.

Preromanesque church of St. Nicholas with Watchtower on top

Apartments near Nin

On the former forum in Nin, there have been discovered foundations on Diana temples and statues of Roman emperors, who are now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum in Zadar. The oldest preserved buildings are churches of St. Cross and St. Nicholas in Prahulje. Both churches were built in Preromanesque style. Watchtower was built on top of the church of St. Nicholas, which itself was build on top of a hill.

Nin Apartments

Nin Apartmani Božić
Owner: Zvonimir Božić
Address: Ulica Sv. Jakova 2, Vrsi, Nin, Croatia
Rent: 40 €