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Detail of Motovun walls

Motovun - Summer Film Festival Town in Istria

Motovun is an interesting town in Istria, in which film festival is held once a year. Old town is positioned on top of a hill, surrounded by forest and the rest of the town in the valley beneath. The central, oldest part of town, surrounded by well-preserved walls from 14th century, and all is connected by system of fortification with walls, towers, and town gates, with the Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance architectural elements. Network of streets within the town has preserved its medieval character. The main square in the town is the site of a massive tower, bell tower from 13th century. Motovun Film Festival is held in every summer in July, in the middle of the tourist summer season. You can stop by to see this interesting town on your way to a Croatian tourist destination in Istria.

Motovun Apartments

Motovun Apartments Valentino
Owner: Ivan Valenta
Address: Bataji 19, Motovun, Croatia
Rent: 38 €