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Waterfalls at river Krka

River Krka

Dalmatia has several major rivers. Ordered from west to east, these are Zrmanja, Krka, and Cetina. However, River Krka is considered the most beautiful of them, and it is also a National Park. The river has two waterfall sites: Roški Slap and Skradin Buk. Roški slap is closer to the river source. It is 650 meters long, and 450 meters wide at its widest. You can come to the waterfalls by taking the road from Drniš town, or arrive from the south by taking a boat ride upstream from Skradin Buk. On the way to the site, tourists may also want to visit monastery, located on a small river island Visovac.

Skradin Buk waterfall site is further south not far away from Skradin town. The waterfalls are especially attractive and abound in roaring water. There are seventeen steps. Visitors mainly come to see these waterfalls by arriving from Šibenik town, which is located at the delta of river Krka.