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Korčula Town on the Island of Korčula

Korčula is a town on the island of Korčula in Croatia. The town is located on the eastern part of the island. At the location, Korčula island and Pelješac peninsula are just across narrow sea channel from each other. In the very center of the town, on the highest point in town, there is church of St. Marco, which was constructed in 15. century, around which lays a little square. Historians claim that Marco Polo, medieval sailor and travel writer, who travelled to Asian far east, was born in Korčula.

On a hill overlooking the town, there is a fortress of St. Blaise, built in 1813. If your tourist destination is Korčula, you can get there from Croatian coastal cities by taking ferry boat ride from Split or Dubrovnik. If you aboard a ferry boat in Split, then there is a short stop in Hvar before continuing to Korčula.

Korčula with part of Pelješac peninsula in the background

Tourist Attractions on Korčula

There are several interesting tourist attractions on Korčula. One of them is Knight's Play Moreška, having medieval origin. There are daily boat trips to nearby Pelješac peninsula, and to other Dalmatian islands and the national park Mljet on the west tip of the island of Mljet. Korčula also excels in rural tourism. Namely, you can ride a donkey across the island. There are many nice little bays, islets, and beaches between Korčula and Lumbarda. Lumbarda is a small town on the easternmost tip of Korčula island. On the way from Korčula to Lumbarda, you can find more tourist attractions, like the hummock Glavica, a protected rare natural site. On the hummock, there is a chapel of St. Antun Hermit.

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