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Location of Komiža

Komiža is a town on the island of Vis. The town is located in Komiža bay, which is facing west. The town was founded in 12. century by people who came from nearby island of Biševo. In fact, Biševo is so close that it is visible from Komiža. There is also the island of Svetac, but it is much further west. The town also has port in which there is kastel that was build in 1585.

Riva in Komiža

Accommodation in Komiža

Tourist find Komiža very attractive because of its crystal clear sea water and air. They can enjoy in natural beauty of the island as well as beautiful sunsets. There are also many secluded beaches around Komiža. You can come to Komiža by ferry from the port in Split. Accommodation and rooms are avalable in summer season too, but it is recommended to make a reservation for apartment or room in advance.

Komiza Apartments

Komiza Nona House
Owner: Pavo Piercey
Address: Brig bb, Komiza, Croatia
Rent: 95 €