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Part of Kaštel Novi

Kaštela Towns

Kaštela consists of seven small towns. The towns are located on the coast of Kastela Bay between Trogir on the west and Solin, with ancient settlement Salona, on the east. The City of Split is located on the peninsula in front of Kaštela. The name "Kaštela" originates from castels, or fortresses built in the middle ages in these seven towns.

Namely, the word Kastel means Castle. The towns mostly got their names from their original founders or builders. There are seven Kaštela towns. Ordered from east to west, these are:

  • Sućurac
  • Gomilica
  • Kambelovac
  • Lukšić
  • Stari
  • Novi
  • Štafilić

Castle Vitturi in Kaštel Lukšić

Seven Kastels

Kaštel Sućurac used to be property of Archbishop from Split. Remains of ancient settlement were found there on the site of Gajine. Kaštel Gomilica was once property of Benedictine women from Split, given to them by king Zvonimir in 11th century. Kastel, which has been well-preserved, since it has not changed much since it was built in the little island Gomile in front of the town in 16th century. Kaštel Kambelovac was founded by a noble family Cambij from Split in 15th century. The little island, on which the town was built initially, was connected to the mainland in 19th century.

Kaštel Lukšić was originally built by noble family Vitturi that had come from nearby Trogir. One of the intersting old building to see in this town is Kastel Vitturi built right next to the sea. Kaštel Stari ("Stari" means "Old" in Croatian language) was founded in 15th century by landlord Koriolan Ćipiko from Trogir. The kastel, or better said a house for the summer holiday, is forified on the north side by a fortress, and on the south side, opens with a balcony and Renaissance windows. There are still remains of old walls that surcingled it.

Riva in Kaštel Novi

Kaštel Novi ("Novi" means "New" in Croatian language) was called thay way because it was built later after Stari was built. Remains of ancient Roman Villa Rustica were found near Novi on the site of Mira. Kaštel Štafilić was founded by Stjepan Stafileo from Trogir in 1500. Like other Kastels, Štafilić was originally located on a little island in front in front of the town near the coast.

If you come to visit these towns, be sure to also visit nearby Salona. Namely, the site is one of the best preserved ancient settlements on the Croatian Adriatic Coast, with remains of buildings and amphitheater from the first century.

Dalmatians are known for hospitality. Many of them offer apartments and rooms for rent to tourists. Kaštela are practically suburbs of Split today. You can find accommodation in several hotels, which have been renovated, in and around Split. Some of them are Hotel La Meridien Lav, Hotel Split, Hotel Marjan, and others.