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Hotel Labenica in Gradac

Holiday Apartments in Gradac

Gradac is the southernmost coastal tourist resort on Makarska Riviera. Gradac excels in nice beaches, hotels, and private apartments for holiday. You will find long pebble beaches in Gradac and around it. Branches of trees that grow along the beaches provide needed shade to protect you from sunlight in hot summer days. Gradac has a long tourist tradition. The town has been gladly visited destination for tourists on the Adriatic for more than five decades. Because of its orientation, guests can enjoy beautiful sunsets on beaches in Gradac. On account of its clean sea and beaches, Gradac is highly recommended tourist destination in Croatia.

Gradac Apartments

Gradac Apartmani Mila i Jozo, Gradac
Owner: Jozo Čagalj
Address: Jadranska 75, Gradac, Croatia
Rent: 55 €