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Croatia Holiday Apartments

Parking in front of an apartment on island Brač

Croatia Apartments for rent

Croatian apartment directory advertises apartments for rent in Croatia. Here, we will describe what you can expect in most cases when renting apartments. Most apartment houses in southern region known as Dalmatia are located near the coast of the Adriatic sea or on the islands. Prices for rentals range from low to high, depending of the quality of accommodation and other factors. If you want to go on vacation to Croatia, but you are looking for cheap apartments in Croatia, you should review our low priced section.

Apartment owners usually have one or more apartments available in one villa. They prefer to rent the whole apartment to a family that comes to spend summer holiday vacation for at least three days. They usually provide parking in front of the apartment building or close to it, so tourists who come driving their cars, or other kinds of vehicles, can park there without having to pay for parking.

Living room and kitchen in an apartment in the City of Split

Apartment Facilities

Since apartment owners want you to enjoy your stay there, they provide as many facilities for your convenience as they can. Thus, you will find that Croatia holiday apartments for rent have well equipped kitchen with refrigerator, freezer, stove, cupboards, faucets, dishwashers, dishes, and cutlery. All these are available to you to use in case you prefer to prepare your meals and store food you bring with you or buy in local grocery stores or supermarkets. Living rooms are equipped with TV sets. Although the television is there for your convenience, you would certainly be more interested in spending vacation relaxing, sunbathing, swimming in the clear waters of the Adriatic sea, or doing some other enjoyable activity.

Bathrooms have bath tubs or shower cabins, and they are sometimes equipped with laundry washing machine. If there is none in apartment itself, there should be one or more washing machines provided for the entire apartment house.

At minimum, private apartments in Croatia have one or more of the following:

  • bedroom
  • kitchen
  • dining room
  • bathroom
  • living room

Kitchen, dining and living room are usually one larger apartment room. Some rooms in apartment have balconies. Since these balconies are often designed to face south or the sea, you can enjoy beautiful relaxing view the Adriatic sea from them.

Bedroom in an apartment near town Omiš

Accommodation Arrangement

Croatia and Dalmatia welcome tourists, and apartment owners appreciate and treat their guests well, and readily provide for them. You can easily arrange for accommodation. All you have to do is contact apartment owner by email or telephone, and reserve your apartment or rooms for summer vacation. You can search Croatia holiday apartments by browsing this directory. We want you to find affordable apartment, and spend enjoyable summer vacation on the Adriatic Sea.