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Crikvenica beach


Crikvenica is one of the leading tourist resorts on the Kvarner Riviera in Croatia. The first public beach was opened in 1888. Very suitable for medical tourism, Crikvenica has healthy and mild Mediterranean climate with the simultaneous presence of mountain and sea air, clean air and the sea and unspoiled nature. In 1906, Crikvenica was declared a health resort and seaside resort. In 1891, the first professional tourist guide for Crikvenica was published, called Health resort and public beach Crikvenica, and it has drawn attention to the advantages that Crikvenica coast offers compared to other beaches in the World globally.

Crikvenica was even then able to fully meet the needs of demanding, luxurious, and elite guests and rose to the top of the European tourism, especially in health tourism.


Crikvenica Tourist Resorts

Crikvenica is situated in the Kvarner bay, in a riviera with a row of connected small tourist resorts: Crikvenica apartments, Jadranovo, Dramalj and Selce. It stretches approximately twenty eight square kilometers, about fifteen kilometers long and about two kilometers wide, between the sea and the elongated littoral reef, with an average elevation of three hundred meters. Jadranovo is an attractive small tourist resort suitable for vacation. Town will delight you a number of romantic natural beaches, crystal clear sea, the promenade, and forest trails will enable you to walk cool in the hot summer days.

Dramalj is in the immediate vicinity of Crikvenica, which stretches from the Black mole to the tourist resorts Kačjak. The Croatian coast has jewels, of which one of the most beautiful is Selce, a coastal town with an old tradition in tourism and Croatia apartments. Selce has grown into a beautiful tourist destination over the last hundred years.

Crikvenica Apartments

Crikvenica Apartments Jasna Crikvenica
Owner: Jasna Maričić
Address: Tina Ujevića 1, Crikvenica, Croatia
Rent: 95 €