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Famous Rock in the Sea near Brela on which even few trees grow

Brela - Makarska Riviera

Brela is small town and a very popular tourist destination located on Makarska Riviera on the coast of Adriatic Sea in Croatia. Brela is attractive because of its clean sea and typical beautiful Mediterranean gravel beaches. Brela town is just two kilometers to the west of Baška Voda resort that is also a very attractive tourist destination, and ten kilometers to the west of Makarska, famous Croatian tourist destination with many hotels, rooms, and private apartments. Brela is however less crowded in summertime because it is a smaller town and its beaches can accommodate many vacationers.

Beaches in Brela

Beaches in Brela

If you like to spend quiet and enjoyable summer holiday with lots of swimming and fun, you would like to go to Brela. The place abounds in green coniferous trees, many of which are right above the beach, offering shade in hot summer days. Beaches in Brela are very neat and one of the best in Croatia and you would enjoy taking relaxing walks along the pathways near the beach. Finding an apartment for rent in Brela, Makarska Riviera is not difficult either.

Brela Apartments

Brela Villa with Pool
Owner: Miodrag Bandur
Address: Breljanska cesta bb, Brela, Croatia
Rent: 450 €


Brela Apartment Brela
Owner: Ivan Milas
Address: Bartula Kašića 4, Brela, Croatia
Rent: 35 €


Brela Villa ITA Apartments
Owner: Tatjana Rajh
Address: 28 Ivana Gundulica, Brela, Croatia
Rent: 50 €