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Baška Voda

Baška Voda, Croatia

Baška Voda - Attractive Place in Makarska Riviera

One of the most attractive riveras in Croatia for tourists is Makarska Riviera, and one of the most attractive places in Makarska Riviera is Baška Voda. Baška Voda is a small Dalmatian town close to Brela. The two towns are so close that they are practically one town with many holiday apartments for rent and hotels on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. Baška Voda is less than ten kilometers to the northeast from Makarska. Baška Voda is desired tourist destination because of its long gravel beaches, clean sea, and many coniferous trees, under which you can find shade during warm summer days. If you go on vacation to Croatia, be sure to visit Baška Voda in Makarska Riviera.

Besides private apartments, the following hotels in offer accommodation in Baška Voda:

  • Hotel Croatia (four stars)
  • Hotel Slavija (two stars)
  • Hotel Conte (four stars)
  • Hotel Horizont (four stars)
  • Hotel Hrvatska (two stars)

There are also two tourist resorts:

  • Tourist Resort Alem
  • Tourist Resort Baško Polje

Baska Voda Apartments

Baska Voda Villa Rosso
Owner: Morana Rosso
Address: Zagradina 17, Baska Voda, Croatia
Rent: 50 €