Trogir accommodation - Apartments for rent in Trogir

Trogir accommodation Trogir Riviera listing apartments for rent in Trogir:


Trogir Villa Cvita Apartments
Owner: Sveto Kustura
Address: Špira Puovića 32, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Trogir Apartments Ivona
Owner: Ivona Hrabar
Address: Ulica sv. Ane 19, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 65 €


Trogir Apartmani Antonio
Owner: Ante Grančić
Address: Špira Puovića 15/II, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 60 €


Trogir Apartman Trogir
Owner: Marina Šain
Address: Put Muline 1, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 110 €


Trogir Apartment Mare Trogir
Owner: Lenka Rinčić
Address: Kneza Trpimira 47, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 45 €


Trogir Bilic Apartments Trogir
Owner: Josip Bilić
Address: Kardinala Alojza Stepinca 4, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 60 €


Trogir Villa Angel
Owner: Bisera Pomenić
Address: Put brodograditelja 9a, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 80 €


Trogir Apartments "Mare" Trogir
Owner: Marija Žaja
Address: Andrije Hembranga 10a, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 75 €


Trogir Apartman Trogir - Saldun
Owner: Mate Miletić
Address: Put Salduna II bb, Trogir, Croatia
Rent: 60 €

Trogir was founded by a greek colony from the Adriatic island of Vis (Issa). They founded a town between the small island of Čiovo and the land, and named the town Tragurion in III. century B.C. When Romans took over, the town became a significant port for ships. In the vicinity of Trogir were famous quarries, from which stones were partially used to build to Diocletian Palace in Split. The oldest... Trogir Tourist Information.