Rab accommodation - Apartments for rent in Rab

Rab accommodation Kvarner Islands listing apartments for rent in Rab:


Rab Pansion-apartments Kuki
Owner: Dubravka Fafanđel
Address: Supetarska Draga 267, Rab, Croatia
Rent: 40 €


Rab Apartments Raffaello
Owner: Željko Matrda
Address: Kampor 414, Rab, Croatia
Rent: 70 €


Rab Apartments Vesna Rab
Owner: Vesna
Address: Mundanije 158, Rab, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Rab Apartmani Stanka i Željko
Owner: Željko Lupić
Address: Kampor 297, Rab, Croatia
Rent: 65 €

Rab is a town located on the south side of the island of Rab. Rab was called Arba in ancient times. The first known inhabitants of Rab were Illyrian Liburni tribe and Greeks. It was renamed Rab when Croatians arrived on the island in VII century, as the name "Rab" was first recorded in a document at the time when monastery of St. Euphemia was being founded in XV century. Island of Rab is one of t... Rab Tourist Information.