Makarska accommodation - Apartments for rent in Makarska

Makarska accommodation Makarska Riviera listing apartments for rent in Makarska:


Makarska Apartmani Nelka Makarska
Owner: Nelka Tolj
Address: Put požara 9, Makarska, Croatia
Rent: 12 €


Makarska Apartmani Villa Luce
Owner: Ivanka Zelić
Address: Molizanskih Hrvata 26, Makarska, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Makarska Villa Ravlić
Owner: Dijana Ravlić
Address: Molizanskih Hrvata 66, Makarska, Croatia
Rent: 50 €


Makarska Villa Art
Owner: Ilija Stojadinović
Address: Put žuke 7, Makarska, Croatia
Rent: 250 €


Makarska Apartmani Antunović
Owner: Miroslav Antunović
Address: Don K. Grubišića 7, Makarska, Croatia
Rent: 40 €


Makarska Apartments Villa Ventus
Owner: Borben Sumić
Address: Molizanskih Hrvata 18A, Makarska, Croatia
Rent: 18 €

In ancient times, there was a settlement Macrum or Muccorum. Inscriptions from the Roman times were found in the vicinity of Makarska, and they are kept in Archeological Museum in Split. Makarska also has the Franciscan monastery from 1400., and on a small peninsula of St. Peter in front of the town is a church of St. Peter from the 15th century. Formerly Bishop's, now the parish, the Baroque chur... Makarska Tourist Information.