Hvar accommodation - Apartments for rent in Hvar

Hvar accommodation Hvar Island listing apartments for rent in Hvar:


Hvar Apartmani Maligec Hvar
Owner: Željko Maligec
Address: Uvala Skozanje, Hvar, Croatia
Rent: 60 €


Hvar Apartmani Franjić Hvar
Owner: Marko Franjić
Address: Vrisak bb, Hvar, Croatia
Rent: 22 €


Hvar Apartments Sea Breeze Hvar
Owner: Frane and Martina Drinković
Address: Bukainka bb, Hvar, Croatia
Rent: 110 €


Hvar Apartments Tamara Hvar
Owner: Tamara Drinković
Address: Zastup bb, Hvar, Croatia
Rent: 45 €


Hvar Apartments Ivanović Hvar
Owner: Ivanka Ivanović
Address: Bukainka b.b., Hvar, Croatia
Rent: 40 €


Hvar Apartments Katarina
Owner: Katarina Dujmović Bulić
Address: Krizna luka bb, Hvar, Croatia
Rent: 60 €


Hvar Apartments Biba Hvar
Owner: Biserka Žunković
Address: Majerovica bb, Hvar, Croatia
Rent: 90 €

Hvar is a town and the largest settlement on the island that has the same name. During the Greek colonization in the Adriatic, there is established, probably already in the 4th century B.C., Pharos settlement. Approximately one century later, Hvar becomes a part of the Illyrian state, and the 219th The B.C. comes under the authority of the Roman Empire. Since Roman times saved several inscriptions... Hvar Tourist Information.